Visual Exploration︎

Collage Work

Personal hand-cut compositions developed as an exercise of analog layout design. All imagery is sourced from archival print materials, namely vintage National Geographic magazines.

10/20 Project

Fictional Title Cards

The 10/20 project was rooted in the habitual process of creative play, ultimately resulting in a real-world application project. Over the course of 10 days, I allocated 20 minutes per day to discover my inner image-maker and created fictional title card animations from distorted texts.

Devotion Redesign

Packaging/Motion Design

Packaging and application for Beach House's 2008 masterpiece Devotion. To reimagine the album in a new photographic design, I utilized the physical medium of hand-crafted embroidery to explore what ‘devotion’ means to me.


2022 ︎︎︎ Present

I became inspired to pick up the laborious, yet rewarding, hobby of weaving chainmaille over a year ago. I wanted to challenge myself with an analogue mode of design, and the learning curve drove me to push myself further. 

Album Art

Freelance Design

I was approached by Cincinnati pop-punk band, Arlen Gun Club︎︎︎, to design the cover art for their EPs Rosary and Too Easy. By digitally manipulating magazine scans and creating hand-cut collages, I aimed to illustrate the music’s feel-good lyrics through found imagery.


Exploration in Lyricism

Imaginative compositions visualizing of Montreal’s 2007 album, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? using unconventional methods of creation.